Stanley Wang

  • No one ever guesses that I was born in Iowa
  • One of the most interesting things I have done is building a golf course in South Africa
  • Last book I read was The Three Body Problem by Caixin Liu
  • The thing I am most disappointed about myself is my Thai listening comprehension
  • Words to live by: Be brave enough to say yes; be wise enough to say no

Unyarut (Fai) Sukontanit

  • Animals over human. Sharks over hot guys. Always.
  • Get easily excited at even the slightest thing. High curiosity in everything. Extremely passionated about scuba diving and freediving
  • The only sports gold medal i have is from 28th Phuket King’s Cup Regatta for Modern Classic Class. (Other things i can’t even manage to pass basics…)
  • speaks fluent Thai, English, and Japanese but sometimes it gets mixed up I lose them all
  • Words to live by: nothing last forever

Dr. Ammarin (Aor) Daranpob

  • Wants to live in a world filled with innovative and fun ideas, books that come bundled with extra dark chocolate and a cup of hot chocolate that is automatically filled up.
  • A ‘jack of all trades’ engineer who is passionate about green engineering and sustainable development
  • Have tried multiple outlandish projects like trying to measure soil moisture using satellites, predicting stream flow using AI-based neural networks and genetic algorithms, and constructing a self-cleaning human wastewater system
  • When not busy with work, likes to sip fresh coconut water while pondering questions of “how” and “why” wondering how much we could learn if we could live forever

Romain Kirsch

  • I am a culinary adventurer. Once had snake’s blood and bile in Indonesia
  • Passionate about traveling and exploring new places, I managed to live on 4 continents
  • Have already participated in a Spartan Race in France and keen to do one more
  • Words to live by: There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs

Korapat (Pat) Arunanondchai

  • Once took part in an art performance that involved half-naked body painting and rapping (badly) in front of a crowd at Moma PS1. Curiously got invited to do it again at UCCA in Beijing
  • Recently discovered a whole new underwater world through scuba diving
  • After 4 years of language study, 1 semester abroad in Beijing and 2 years living in Shanghai, still haven’t mastered Mandarin, but enough to get by in China
  • Words to live by: Fail fast, fail often, but don’t be afraid to follow your passion

Shrikant Bhalerao

  • 9+ years experience in the financial technology space across EMV payments, Mobile payments, Banking systems, Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies.
  • Versatile experience of working with blooming startups like CellPointMobile, Anatwine & large enterprises like Oracle, Gemalto at a international scale.
  • Work experience of India, France, Denmark, UK & Thailand.
  • Experience in architecting, designing, coding applications & automation frameworks with Java, PHP, NodeJS, Solidity, OracleDB, MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, Google cloud & Amazon Web services.
  • Co-founded Compdoc systems, Alulim technologies & Cipher Venture Capital Pte Ltd


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